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Shirdi Sai Baba Chalisa
First let me salute with my head the feet of Sai and tell you how Sai came to Shirdi and al other news about him.

Rahu Kala Durga Ashtakam
Chanting this prayer in Rahukala is believed to be extremely effective.

Kamakshi Ashtakam
Goddess Kamakshi is the Goddess Parvathi presiding over the temple in Kanchipuram. This eight versed prayer praises and salutes her.

Gayathri Chalisa
Hreem, Sreem, Kleem, Oh formidable one in wisdom, splendour, life and light. Oh all pervading peace, light, alert, progress and power.

Datta Mala Manthra
Om Salutations to God Dattatreyaya, Who gets pleased just by thinking about him, Who destroys very great fears, Who grants great wisdom, Who is the soul of divine joy.

Bhootha Nathane Kanumaaraganam
Bhoothanathane Kanumaaraganam (Malayalam)

Bhairava Stotram
He who is involved in the consciousness of moving and non moving beings who are spread everywhere, Who is divine, only one, endless and primeval, Who is Lord Bhairava who is the support of all orphans, I salute him who is in my mind with all my heart.

Ayyappa Darsana Stotram
Ayyappa Darsana Stotram (Malayalam)

Ashta Dasa Durga Stotram
Shankari in Sri Lanka, Kamakshi in Kanchipura, Srunkala Devi in Pradhyumna and Chamunda in Mysore.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Celextel Spiritual Store

Nursery Rhymes - Karaoke - English - Vol-2 [DVD]
1. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 2. Chubby Cheeks 3. Piggy on the Railway 4. Five Little Soldiers 5. Mummy's Gone to London 6. My Tooth Brush 7. Goosy Goosy Gander 8. Jack and Jill 9. Engine Number Nine 10. Lucy Locket 11. To Market 12. Ringa Ling Jinga Ling 13. The Alphabet Song 14. Rain Rain Go Away 15. One Little Two Little Indians 16. Rock a Bye Baby 17. Two Little Dicky Birds 18. Little Bo Beep 19. Little Jack Horner 20. Simple Simon 21. Little Miss Muffet 22. Listen To My Band 23. Ringa Ringa Roses 24. London Bridge ** Easily Readable Text ** 5.1 Digital Surround ** Format: NTSC ** Language: English

Nursery Rhymes - Karaoke - English - Vol-1 [DVD]
1. Baa Baa Black Sheep 2. Tick Tack 3. After A Bath 4. Hickory Dickory Dock 5. Hot Cross Buns 6. If I Were An Apple 7. I Hear Thunder 8. Ding Dong Bell 9. Bits Of Paper 10. Lolly Pop 11. Pussy Cat Pussy Cat 12. Mary Had A Little Lamb 13. Yankee Doodle Doo 14. One Two Buckle My Shoe 15. We Willie Winkie 16. Humpty Dumpty 17. Johny Johny 18. Teddy Bear Teddy Bear 19. The Dog Says 20. Tea Pot 21. My Jack In The Box 22. Clap Your Hands 23. The Mulberry Bush 24. The Number Rhyme ** Easily Readable Text ** 5.1 Digital Surround ** Format: NTSC ** Language: English

Radha Bhaskar - Music Appreciation Programme - MAP-3 [Video DVD]
A unique program to enhance your listernership - Series-3 - Raga Vaibhavam - A Journey into the beautiful world of Ragas ** Raga is something very unique to Indian classical music -one without a parallel anywhere in the world. As rasikas, how do we understand and appreciate different ragas that are performed by the artist through compositions as well as various improvisatory forms? Well, understanding a raga does not just mean the identification of its name. It involves a more holistic approach where the listener must try to acquire a complete picture of the raga through constant and intent listening. The rasika should analyse how the same raga unfolds through different forms like alapana, composition, niraval or swaram. He should get absorbed in the music and try to live the experience which the artist wishes to share with his audience. Raga Vaibhavam is a unique programme devised for rasikas to understand the finer intricacies of ragas and enjoy it better, lt takes the rasikas on a joumey into the world of ragas through various compositions so that they can understand its different facets in a simple way. ** Ragas: 1. Introduction 2. Begada 3. Saveri 4. Kalyani 5. Karaharapriya and Janyas 6. Kuntalavarali 7. Rasikapriya 8. Sindhubhairavi ** Duration: 2 Hrs. 20 Mins.

Abhinaya Ranjani [CD]
This audio CD presents a melodious medley of 8 choicest compositions by eminent lyricists. Set in different ragas and to different taalas, each is distinctive in its style, mood and lyrical quality creating an exhilarating aural experience. The vocal brilliance of the singer, supported by orchestral beauty, will sway and swing even those who are not very familiar with the nuances of music or dance. An ideal learning tool for the students and a perfect choreographic aid too. Tracks: Ananda Nardhana (Sanskrit) - Nattai - Adi - Oothukadu Venkata Subbaiyer, Devi Neeye Thunai (Tamil) - Keeravani - Adi - Papanasam Sivan, Tumaki Chalathu (Hindi) - Misra Kamas - Tisra Nadai - Tulsidas, Ithu Sahasa Mula (Telugu) - Saindavi - Adi - Swati Tirunal, Sankara Srigari (Sanskrit) - Hamsanandi - Adi - Swati Tirunal, Yethanai Sonnalum (Tamil)- Saveri - Adi - Subbarama Iyer, Konji Konji Vaa Guhane (Tamil) - Kamas - Adi - Periasami Thooran and S Vallikanavan Perai (Tamil) - Traditional.

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Celextel Spiritual Store

Cuddalore Gopi Bhagavathar - Panduranga Leelai [2 DVDs]
Panduranga Leelai by Cuddalore Gopi Bhagavathar - Live Programme held on 2nd January 2012 during 17th Fine Arts Festival of Mudhra. ** Duration: 2 Hrs. 19 Mins.

Radha Bhaskar - Music Appreciation Programme - MAP-2 [2 CDs]
Music Appreciation Programme - Series -2 - Appreciating Varnam to Thillana by Dr. Radha Bhaskar - Musician & Musicologist ** A Karnatic concert has many entertaining and enlightening things to offer to its listener. Very often, rasikas think that a concert is just about identifying ragas, but did you know that the vast variety of compositional forms presented in a Karnatic concert offer such interesting study? If we did understand the structure and content of the different forms from Varnam to Thillana, wouldn't our joy of listening become multi-fold? Well, it is with this focus that this CD "Appreciating Varnam to Thillana" is being presented exclusively for you. This CD explains the different compositions like varnam, kirtana, kriti, javali, padam, thiruppugazh, kavadi chindu, dasar padas, tarangam, ashtapadi, thillana etc. in a simple and communicative way. The kriti which occupies a major portion of the concert has been given exhaustive treatment in terms of its structure and various ornamentation. The Trinity's contribution in this context has also been highlighted. Hope this CD will help you become a more keen and ardent rasika of Karnatic music.

Gurukula - Carnatic Music Lessons [10 CDs Pack]
Gurukula - 10 ACDs Pack of Carnatic Music Lessons (This special pack includes one Free Instruction Booklet) ** Prof. Mysore Nagamani Srinath is a multifaceted personality - a musician of international repute, teacher, composer and director, all rolled into one. An eminent disciple of the late Ramnad Krishnan, she is known and revered for her flawless style, resonant voice, intricate and imaginative raga alapana. In this 10 audio CDs collection, the venerated musician takes the listeners on an exotic journey through the finer aspects of Carnatic music. In a typical Gurukula style backed by text animation and animated studentteacher interaction, she fully brings out the beauty of that wonderful relationship between the teacher and the taught. On a broad canvas, this CD presents the fundamentals and intricate aspects like varnams, keertanams, padams, ragam, taanam, pallavi etc. Theory and notations have been given in English. An ideal learning tool for beginners, senior students and rasikas alike. ** Vol-1: Introduction and Gurubrahma (Shloka), Saraswati Namasthubhyam (Shloka), Basic Theory-Explanation, Saralevarase - Mayamalavagowla - Adi (Practical - Teaching and Chorus) (1 - 7), Theory on Sthaayi - Explanation, Mandrasthayi varase - Mayamalavagowla - Adi Practical - Teaching and Chrous (1- 4) and Tharasthaayi varase - Mayamalavagowla - Adi Practical - Teaching and Chrous (1 - 4) ** Vol-2: Chaitanyam and Nadopasana (Shloka), Theory on Nada - Explanation, Akarasadhana / Voiceculture (Practical - Teaching and Chrous), Janti varase - Mayamalavagowla - Adi Practical - Teaching and Chrous (1 - 5), Theory on Saptha Tala - Explanation and Alankaras - Mayamalavagowla - 7 different Thaalas Practical - Teaching and Chrous (1 - 7) ** Vol-3: Akhandamandalaakara - part I - Gurupaduka stotra (shloka), Theory on Raaga - Explanation, Explanation on Sri Purandaradasa, Short play on Sri Purandaradasa, Theory on Geetha- Explanation, Pillari Geetha - 1 - Lambodara - Malahari - Rupaka (Practical- Teaching and Chorus), Pillari Geetha - 2 - Kundagowra - Malahari - Rupaka (Practical - Teaching and Chorus), Pillari Geetha - 3 - Kundagowra - Malahari - Rupaka (Practical - Teaching and Chorus) and Pillari Geetha - 4 - Kundagowra - Malahari - Rupaka (Practical - Teaching and Chorus) ** Vol-4: Akhandamandalaakara - Part II - Gurupaduka stotra (shloka), Theory - Janaka / Janya - Explanation, Sanchri Geetha - 1 - Varaveena - Mohana - Rupaka (Practical- Teaching and Chorus), Sanchari Geetha 2 - Mandaradhare - Kambodhi - Adi (Practical- Teaching and Chorus), Sanchari Geetha - 3 - Kamalajadala - Kalyani - Triputa (Practical- Teaching and Chorus) and Sanchari Geetha - 4 - Kamalasulochana - Anandabhairavi - Eka (Practical - Teaching and Chorus) ** Vol-5: Introduction - Shannomitrah, Mudaakarathamodakam - Adi Sankara - (Shloka), Theory on Lakshanageetha - Explanation, Lakshana Geetha - 1 - Hamsadhwani - Tisra Triputa (Practical - Teaching and Chorus) and Lakshana Geetha - 2 - Kalyani -Tisra Triputa (Practical - Teaching and Chorus) ** Vol-6: Gajananum and Poornamadah (Shloka), Theory on Jathiswara - Explanation, Jathiswara -1 - Kannada - Adi (Practical - Teaching and Chorus), Jathiswara - 2 - Kharaharapriya - Adi (Practical - Teaching and Chorus), Jathiswara - 3 - Kalyani - Adi (Practical - Teaching and Chorus) and Jathiswara - 4 - Devamanohari - Adi (Practical - Teaching and Chorus) ** Vol-7: Achyuthaashtakam - I - Malayamaarutha, Basic Theory on Varna (Explanation), Thana Varna 1 (Teaching and Chorus) - Ninnukori - Mohana - Adi and Thana Varna 2 (Teaching and Chorus) - Evvari Bodhana - Abhogi - Adi ** Vol-8: Achyuthaashtakam - II - Malayamaarutha, Thana Varna 3 - Vanajakshi (Teaching) - Kalyani - Adi, Thana Varna 3 - Vanajakshi (Chorus), Thana Varna 4 - Ninnenammiti (Teaching) -Shanmukhapriya - Adi and Thana Varna 4 - Ninnenammiti (Chorus) - Shanmukhapriya - Adi ** Vol-9: Naraayana Stotram - I - Vaasanti, Thana Varna 5 - Jalajaakshi (Teaching) - Hamsadhwani - Adi, Thana Varna 5 - Jalajaakshi (Chorus) - Hamsadhwani - Adi, Thana Varna 6 - Ninnu kori (Teaching) - Vasantha Adi and Thana Varna 6 - Ninnu kori (Chorus) - Vasantha - Adi ** Vol-10: Naraayana Stotram - II - Vaasanti, Thana Varna 7 - Saami nine (Teaching) - Shankaraabharana - Adi, Thana Varna 7 - Saami nine (Chorus) - Shankaraabharana - Adi, Thana Varna 8 - Saami nine (Teaching) - Sri - Adi and Thana Varna 8 - Saami nine (Chorus) - Sri - Adi.

GJR Krishnan - Thri Shakthi [2 CDs]
Thri Shakthi - Lalgudi G.J.R. Krishnan - Violin , Guru Kaaraikkudi Mani - Mridangam and V.Suresh - Ghatam. The highlight of this concert is the Ragam Tanam Pallavi in Raga Shanumkhapriya in Tisra Tiruputa tala in praise of Lord Muruga set in Chaturasra in Poorvanga (first part) and in Tisra in Utranga (later part). Guru Kaaraikkudi Mani and V Suresh present an unusual Tani Avartanam of shared complexities. The Reduction cycles are independently performed as multiples of 4 counts and 3 counts respectively to the least possible number before culmination. ** Tracks: Varnam - Amruthavarshini - Adi - Lalgudi G. Jayaraman, Ennadu juthuno - Kalavathi - Adi - Tyagaraja, Rangapuravihara - Brindavanasaranga - Rupakam - Muthuswamy Dikshitar, Hecharigaga rara - Yadukulakambhoji - Kanda Chapu - Tyagaraja, Kalangade Maname - Ragavardhini - Adi - Koteeswara Iyer, Paripahimam - Kannada - Adi - Mysore Vasudevachar, Ragam Tanam Pallavi (Guha Muruga Shanmukha Unadu Arul tha) Shanmukhapriya Tisra Triputa [in 2 nadais] Followed by Thaniavarthanam. Thalam - R.Ramesh, Ethanai koti inbam - Janasammodhini - Adi - Subramanya Bharathi, Srinivasa - Hamsanandi - Adi - Papanasam Sivan and Tillana - Bindumalini - Adi - Lalgudi G. Jayaraman.

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Vedic Path to Healthy Living - Enrich Couple Bond
1. Introduction 2. Eliminate all obstacles 3. Strengthen the sacred bond of togetherness 4. Develop mutual interest and appreciation 5. Shower love, affection and care on spouse 6. Enhance alignment with spouse 7. Understand the purpose of togetherness 8. Establish equality and friendship 9. Compose a co-journey 10. Meditation

Vedic Path to Healthy Living - Get Pregnant
1. Introduction 2. Eliminate all obstacles 3. Strengthen the reproductive system 4. Sanctification of the process of conception 5. Clear the blocks which prevent conception 6. Prayers to remove all obstructions 7. Reinforce the will to have a baby 8. Prayers for a successful fertilization 9. Meditation

Vedic Path to Healthy Living - Ease Your Delivery
1. Introduction 2. Eliminate all obstacles 3. Prayers for a safe and easy delivery 4. Invoke cosmic support for a safe delivery 5. Garner psychic support to face delivery challenges 6. Strengthen the will to deliver and let go 7. Build physical and mental endurance 8. Meditation

Vedic Path to Healthy Living - Prenatal Learning
1. Introduction 2. Eliminate all obstacles 3. Empower and protect the senses 4. Tune the baby to learning orientation 5. Enhance hearing and listening capabilities 6. Expand the mental bandwidth 7. Introduction to divinity within 8. Introduction to divinity in everything around 9. Impart fundamental values of life 10. Stimulate baby's senses

Vedic Path to Healthy Living - Nurture New Born
1. Introduction 2. Eliminate all obstacles 3. Praise the sacred creation 4. Strengthen the vital life force for endurance 5. Protect against evil forces for a healthy, prosperous and long life 6. Prayers for longevity of the baby 7. Shower the baby with exuberance, glow and radiance 8. Nurture the life force within 9. Prayers for a long life ** Rendered by Veda Pandit Tatwamasi Dixit.

Anbana Annaiku - Balamuralikrishna
1. Nilaakadhir Polave - Ragam: Charukesi 2. Ullam Urughi Paaduvom - Ragam: Tilang 3. Swarnamaya Paadhamidhu - Ragam: Shudh Sarang 4. Malar Saatrinein - Ragam: Desh 5. Shri Aravindha Annai - Ragam: Durga 6. Yedhu Vendum - Ragam: Ragamalika

Thirumana Padalgal - Laya Sisters
1. Gowri Kalyaana Vaibhokame [Vinayakar Stuti] 2. Maalai Chaththinaal [Maalai Matruthal] 3. Manmathanukku Maalaiyittaaye [Maalai Matruthal] 4. Rathna Oonjalil [Oonjal Paadal] 5. Nandi Muhanukku [Laali] 6. Kannoonjal Aadi [Pidi Chutruthal] 7. Sri Rama Jaya Jaya [Muhurtha Paadal] 8. Aanandam Aanandam [Muhurtha Paadal] 9. Bhojanam Cheyya Vaarungo [Virundhombal] 10. Nalangida Vaarum Raajaa [Nalangu Paadal] 11. Nalangidykiral Meenalochani [Nalangu Paadal] 12. Mangalam [Nalangu Paadal] ** Sung by Laya Sisters [Bhairavi and Charumathy Shankar lyer].

Thiruppavai and Thiruvempavai [MP3]
Thiruppavai: 1. Margazhi Thingal 2. Vayathu Vazhveergal 3. Oongi Ulagalandha 4. Aazhi-Mazhi Kanna 5. Maayanai 6. Pullum 7. Keesu Keesendru 8. Keezhvannam 9. Thoomani Maadathu 10. Nottru Chuvarkkam 11 Katru Kharavai 12. Kanaittilan 13. Pullin Vaay 14. Ungal Puzhakkadai 15. Yellaye Ilan Killiaye 16. Naayakanai 17. Ambaramey 18. Undhu Madha 19. Kutthu Vilakkeriya 20. Muppatthu Moovar 21. Yettra Kalangal 22. Angamaanyaalathu 23. Maari Malai 24. Andrivvulakam 25. Orutthi Magannai 26. Maaley Manivannaa 27. Koodaarai Vellum 28. Karavaygal 29. Chittranchiru Kaale 30. Vangakkadal. Sung by Anuradha Krishnamoorthi. ** Thiruvempavai: 1. Aadiyum Andamum Illaa 2. Pacham Paranchodi 3. Muththanna Vennakaiyay 4. Onniththila Nagaiyay 5. Malariya Naanmukanum 6. Manen Nee Nennalai 7. Anne Ivaiyum 8. Kozhi Chilamba Chilambum 9. Munnai Pazhamporutku 10. Padhalam Ezhinunkeezh 11. Moyyar Thadampoykai 12. Arththa Piravi 13. Painkuvalai Karmalarar 14. Kaadhar Kuzhaiyada 15. Ororukal Emperuman 16. Munni Kadalai 17. Chenkanavanpal 18. Annaa Malaiyaan 19. Unkaiyir Pillai Unakke 20. Potri Arulukanin Adhiyam ** Sung by Vidhya.

Ganapathi Thalam [MP3]
1. Ganapathi Thalam 2. Mayura Thalam 3. Rishaba Thalam 4. Sri Vinayaka Manasashmaraami 5. Sri Vinayaka Sirasa Namaraami 6. Aanai Muhaththone 7. Gana Naatha Gana Naatha 8. Vakra Thunda Mahakaaya 9. Omyendra Porulaal 10. Oyaamal Oliyaamal 11. Ganesha Ganesha 12. Ganapathi Mandiram 13. Aadi Mudalvanukku 14. Kaattilum Mettilum 15. Gana Naathan Thiruppadam 16. Manakkula Nayagane 17. Ongaramaay 18. Nattukkottai 19. Thiruchchiyil Orpillai 20. Kolukkattai 21. Chaturthiyin Naayakanai 22. Aavani Thingalil 23. Omkaara Naathane 24. Arumugan Chotharane ** Sung by Ramu, Arvind, Rahul, Pushpavanam Kuppusamy, T. L. Maharajan, Veeramani Dasan and Rakesh.

Kundru Kovil Murugan [MP3]
1. Kaalam Arivan 2. Cheerakam Ratna 3. Bala Murugan 4. Verpile Murugan 5. Thiru Murugan Munnaale 6. Kalai Manakkum 7. Muruganai Munnirutti 8. Evaroruvar 9. Thuchchamena 10. Unakkullum Irukkin 11. Aroharaa Aroharaa 12. Eththanai Thunaikal 13. Mukkaniyil Chareduthu 14. Sakthi Vadivelavaa 15. Chendur Murugan 16. Muruga Un Pukazh Paadi 17. Karthikeyane 18. Bala Murugan Oruvan 19. Ulakai Chutri Vandhu 20. Sakthi Vadivelavaa 21. Arupadai Veedezhundu 22. Aroharaa 23. Muruga Muruga 24. Pannirukai Velanukku 25. Vallimayil Chaayal Kandu 26. Palani Malai Muruganukku [Vazhi Nadai Paattu] 27. Aarupadai 28. Anu Dinam Nenjinil 29. Azhakaana Thokai 30. Kavadiyai Thookki Vandom [Kavadi Paattu] 31. Nee Thane Engal 32. Sakthi Umai ** Sung by Mahanadi Shobana, Unnikrishnan, Nithyashree, Pushpavanam Kuppusamy, Vaani Jayaram, Ramu, Saindhavi, S. Jaya, Vasanthi Sekhar, N. R. Thyagarajan, M. Pradeepa, M. Thyagarajan, A. Kumar, Veeramani Karna, S, Janaki, Prabhakar and Subiksha.

Sumithra Nitin - Gita Mala - Vol-3
Ambujam Krishna's Gita Mala Vol - 3 Sung by Sumitra Nitin ** Tracks: 1. Guru thandha arum chelvam - Kedaram - Adi 2. Kaana vendaamo - Sahana - Adi 3. En thaai Nee irukka - Mohana Kalyani - Adi 4. Eppadi ennagam - Nattakurinji - Adi 5. Kaliyil kann kanda Deivam - Amritavarshini - Adi 6. Tharunam idhai - Begada - Adi 7. Thaarakam - Thodi - Rupakam 8. Ezhil thirumeni- Brindavana Saranga - Adi 9. Aadinale kannoonjal - Ragamaligai - Adi 10. Paadaayo - Nadanamakriya- Adi

Ananthalakshmi Sadagopan - Gita Mala - Vol-1
Ambujam Krishna's Gita Mala Vol-1 Sung by Ananthalakshmi Sadagopan ** Tracks: 1. Paanam seyya vaaree - Simhendra Madhyamam - Rupakam - V.V.Sadagopan 2. En thaai neeyandro - Aarabhi - Adi - V.V.Sadagopan 3. Naada Roopini - Saraswathi - Adi - V.V.Sadagopan 4. Margam kaattiduvaai - HinDolam - Misra chapu - V.V.Sadagopan 5. Naamam uraithidu - Kanada - Adi - V.V.Sadagopan 6. Karumugil vannam - Sriranjani - Adi - K.R.Kedaranathan 7. Entha bhagyamu - Begada - Rupakam - V.V.Sadagopan 8. Alaiya viduthal - Thodi - Adi - V.V.Sadagopan 9. Kudhithodi vaaraai - Sudda Saveri - Adi - V.V.Sadagopan 10. Kannanidam - Ragamaligai - Adi - V.V.Sadagopan

Learn Carnatic Classical Vocal - Thillana - Balamuralikrishna [DVD]
Indian classical music has got the greatness of tuning even a layman in to a musical intonation through its aesthetic beauty. Thillana is one such music blended with few syllables, words of poetic beauty and brisk tempo tuned in a mellifluous raga binds and elates the listeners. Sung generally during the end of the concert, Thillana makes the presentation complete and captivates the audience. There have been several doyens of Classical music who have made monumental contributions towards popularizing various forms of Music. In the case of Thillanas, the multifaceted musician Padma Vibhushan Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna has made many aesthetic compositions through his dulcet voice and made awestruck admiration from the listeners. This DVD feature a Tutorial Session by Padma Vibhushan Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna teaching his Thillana Composition set in Raga Brindavani, in a lucid manner for the music learners to emulate effortlessly. ** CONTENTS: Profile of Dr.M.Balamuralikrishna, Introduction & About Thillana, Gam Gam Ganapathim (Raga: Ganapathi - a Tri - Tonal Raga: Sa Ga Pa), Thillana (Raga: Brindavani) and Basic Tips for the Music Learners. ** Language: English